This blog is for people who are considering separation or divorce, those who are going through separation or divorce, those who are already divorced and for those who are being supportive of someone in that situation. Its mission is to provide hope and direction in navigating the divorce process, as well as to make observations – from our own life’s experience and from Kirsten's study of positive psychology and resilience – on co-parenting after divorce and creating a healthy ongoing relationship with your ex. Don’t believe it can happen? We were there not too long ago. Our divorce was finalized in 2006, after almost 18 years of marriage and three children. Our story follows a very familiar story line, including irrational, vindictive behavior and venomous words thrown at each other. So please don’t think that we sailed through the experience unscathed. We want to share what we have learned through trial and error. And we’re hoping that our words spark thoughts and conversation through this blog.

Note: We do not intend this blog to be a promotion of divorce as an "alternative lifestyle." We would not wish the experience of divorce on our worst enemy (not that we have enemies). Rather, sometimes divorce happens, and if you find yourself in that situation hopefully we can help.